CAT 2015 - Fixed Section Times

CAT 2015 – Fixed Section Times

The CAT 2015 Announcement is out.

Probably the most important change that has been made is that of fixing the section times. Earlier, a student had the freedom to attempt the whole paper in any order he or she chose. So a person who was strong in Verbal could wrap up that section very fast and then spend more time in Quant or LR, as the case may have been.

With this announcement, the powers-that-be at CAT Industries have shaken that up a bit. Now, it doesn’t matter how good you are at Reading Comprehension or how fast you are in Quant – you still get the same amount of time as everyone else. You can’t finish your section fast and skip ahead.

We at ExamVictor think that, all things considered, this is a welcome move. It should go a long way to leveling the field. This way, no matter which section you’re strong in and which section you’re weak at, you still get a fighting chance.

The tests in the ExamVictor Mock CATs have been updated to reflect this new pattern switch now, so that your practice reflects the reality you’ll face.

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