CAT 2015: Updates

CAT 2015 – Less than 1 lakh applicants, and what it means for you

We are fresh from the news that the CAT 2015 registration dates have been extended. Cheeks flushed, breath catching, dare we imagine that this is a good thing for those of us who have registered and are planning to write CAT this year? Maybe the competition is lesser, so naturally the percentiles should be better, right?


You need to remember that in the percentile system, your competition is with those more serious and more committed than you. In other words, those who may score more than you. In other words, those folks who are also planning to write CAT 2015, just like you, and who have been studying for several months already, just like you, and who have already finished their registrations, just like you.

Sorry about that, but the real competition in CAT is always going to be among the top 30,000 to 50,000 students. Those are really the folks who are putting in anything resembling serious preparation. Most other folks register for the exam for a variety of reasons, but don’t remotely qualify for the ‘serious’ tag.

So, if you’re a serious candidate for CAT, the reduced number of applicants doesn’t really mean anything for you. If the announcement was that only 20,000 people had registered so far, then we had serious cause for cheer. But in this case, all it means is you’d better get back to studies!

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