CAT Registration Extended by 5 days

CAT 2015 Registration Date Extended

The IIMs have just come out with the notification that the registration date for CAT 2015 has been extended by 5 days. This is ostensibly because the number of registrations are low. Economic Times has this to say –

Other folks on the interwebs are ascribing the following reasons for this:

  1. The process is completely online, including payments. So this may be hard for folks in semi-urban and rural settings
  2. Candidates no longer have the facility to choose slots
  3. Exams are all on the same day, no multiple day options etc.
  4. MBAs just aren’t that popular anymore

Personally, I don’t think reasons 2, 3 and 4 make any sense.

So anyway, if you haven’t registered yet because you were teetering on the edge, or are a perennial procrastinator or are just careless, the universe is offering you a chance to make up for it!

This is the link to register –
Go do it right away!

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