CAT 2015: Text Entry Questions

CAT 2015 – Text Entry Questions

Another important change that came out in the CAT 2015 Announcement is the fact that they are adding a new type of question – text entry.

So, what is a text entry question? How would it look?

Images speak a thousand words, so we’ll explain below:

Multiple Choice Question

This is the typical multiple choice question we are accustomed to seeing – a question followed by a number of choices

Text Entry CAT

And this is what a text entry question is expected to look like.

As you can see, the difference is that you don’t get the power of the choices. Many times, a quick way to arrive at the answer was to eliminate the choices or plug the choices into the question itself. Now it remains to be seen how many of this type of question actually turn up in the exam.

But we can take away the following:

  • These questions should be slightly simpler than average – this is because this is a new question type and the CAT folks are also trying it out to gauge student response
  • There should not be any negative marking for such questions – it would hardly be fair to the students to not provide answer choices and then put negative marking on top of it
  • Numerical or alphabetical answers – the questions that do involve the text entry box would be those where the answer is going to be purely numerical or a simple alphabet like A or D. The reason for this is to eliminate subjectivity – CAT has never been a subjective exam, and the Online CATs are checked automatically by computer. So it wouldn’t make sense to make something like a Reading Comprehension question text entry

At ExamVictor, we’ve been quick to respond and now a lot of our tutorial exercises and Mock CATs feature text entry questions as well. If you want, you can sign up for our CAT course for free here –

So there you have it – text entry questions, shouldn’t be a major source of concern.

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