SSC CGL Tier 1 2016 New Pattern Changes

All The Changes In The SSC CGL Pattern In 2016 And What They Mean For You

The Staff Selection Commission has changed the pattern of its Combined Graduate Level Examination. The Tier 1 Exams are going to be held in slots from 27th Aug to 11th Sep 2016. As per the report, this year, about thirty five lakh candidates will appear in SSC CGL! Yes, you read that right, that’s 35 lakh or 3.5 million candidates this year! This is probably due to the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations coming into force, making a post-SSC CGL career a very attractive option. So, the most important thing here is to stay strong. Now, to come to the main topic – what are the changes in the SSC CGL pattern this year?

When a change occurs, it occurs for everyone and those that are the calmest and the smartest are the biggest gainers out of it.

Let’s observe what’s actually changed here. For the more impatient among us, here is a quick video that outlines all the changes in the pattern. For the more patient, read on!

Changes in the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Pattern 2016

Important Note: In Tier 2, all the papers are not compulsory for everyone. This will vary for each student

New Tier Structure

This process will basically now have four tiers:
Tier – I (preliminary exam) – Computer Based
Tier – II (main exam) – Computer Based
Tier – III (descriptive exam)
Tier – IV (DEST / CPT, wherever applicable)

SSC CGL Tier 2 2016 Pattern Changes
Summary of Major Changes
  • The first change is in time that is you will get 75 mins, previously it was 120 mins, General Knowledge, English, Math’s and Reasoning each carrying 25 marks as of now.
  • The second change is in number of questions that is 100 instead of 200 questions.
  • Each question carries 2 marks and 1/4 will be deducted for each wrong question
  • Tier 2 is computer based test and there are no changes in the pattern (MATHS AND ENGLISH)
  • Tier 3 is Descriptive in nature and will be given using pen and paper
  • Tier 4 is qualifying in nature or could be known as document verification process. Tier 4 is applicable only to small set of students. For most students, the exams would end at Tier 3.

Now if you have observed both the above statements you will find that there is something good. The number of questions has been reduced to half but the time has not been reduced to that much it means you are getting more time to solve each question and so you can expect a slight increase in the difficulty level of the exam.

Calculations for the Final selection
  1. The final merit list will be prepared taking into account the aggregate marks scored by a candidate in Tier – I, Tier – II and Tier – III.
  2. The candidate has to qualify each of the three tiers separately.
  3. There are no sectional cut offs in Tier – I or Tier – II exam.
  4. Tier – IV is only qualifying in nature. Marks scored in Tier – IV will not be considered while preparing the merit list.

IMP NOTE: There is no sectional cutoff in SSC CGL 2016 new pattern.

Potential Problems

Now, a few students might face problems in facing Tier I as it is computer based. However, you need to find the positivity in this as you have been given extra time, as the reduction in the number of questions is half (50%) that is from 200 questions to 100 questions but the time has been deducted by (37 % approx.) that is from 120 to 75 mins. Also in computer you need to just click on the questions and this saves your time too instead earlier you were doing with PEN

ExamVictor’s Recommended Time Plan For The SSC CGL Exam

How you allocate your time in the actual exam is of paramount importance. If you can monitor and allocate your time successfully, half the battle is won. Below, we have listed out how we think you should spend your time during the exam itself:
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: 10 mins as you cannot recreate it, read and just select options.
ENGLISH: 15 mins, try to learn vocabs
REASONING: 20 mins
MATHS: 25 mins (Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra are the crucial part)

ExamVictor’s Recommended Preparation Plan for SSC CGL

Preparing effectively will help immensely in ensuring your success in the exam. While the syllabus for the exam is large, it can be easily managed and portioned if you plan things out from the beginning itself. Many students have a lot of trouble with this, so we have shared our recommended study plan here itself.

  • For English, do not restrict yourself to standard books such as Plinth to Paramount, MB publications and others. Do rise above this and make it a habit to read English Newspaper and Novels from your interesting genre. This will drastically improve your comprehension power together with this, will also give an edge to your vocabulary.
  • For Maths section, Explore is the key again. As this time, there is an increase in time of 15 minutes so you can expect some above average questions which will need your clarity of basics and will test your skills. Complete one standard book after which you can go on to practice the tougher questions.
  • For reasoning section, practice is the key as you cannot afford to miss a single question from this section. It is the easiest section of all. You just need to solve many questions related to reasoning from any book.
  • Now comes the crucial factor. The General Awareness/General Knowledge section, this will be serve as the factor which will decide your selection or your preparation for next year. This time there is +2 for each correct answer and you can be penalize heavily if you go by random guesses. So prepare this section very well. You can use lucent General Knowledge book as reference and after that can prepare this section from various magazines such as Chronicle, Competition Success Review.

Beyond all this, make it a habit to give 2 mocks each week; preferably online mock. Attend ExamVictor’s online course and online test series. These are available in Computer based test (CBT). This will give you an environment of real exam and will act as a gauge for improvement. Take up your mistakes and work on them wisely to eradicate them.

Hope you find this article useful, and it helps your preparation in a meaningful way. Best of luck!

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