CAT 2006 – Paper Analysis


  • CAT 2006 was a surprise for every one as it comes with lot of new things which are far apart from the past CAT tests.
  •  There were five options instead of the customary four, making it similar to GRE/ GMAT.
  • Every single question in VA was inferential, with the options being extremely close. One felt the necessity of an electron microscope to discriminate amongst them.
  • Total time for examination was 150 minutes.
cat 2006 paper analysiscat 2006 paper

Quantitative Ability

  • Most of the questions were formula based and were much simpler compared to CAT exams held in last few years.
  • There were 10 questions on arithmetic with most of the emphasis on number system.
  • The questions were relatively simple and there may be few people who got all the question correct.

cat 2006 QA tablecat 2006 QA

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

  • There were 5 sets in total and each set had 5 questions in it.
  • There were very little need of calculations and most of the questions were based on analytical skills.
  • Data Sufficiency in its old format reappeared in CAT after a span of three years, more so in two different sections!
  • The emphasis in the DI section was definitely on speed of calculation.
  • In reasoning, it was all matter of understanding the data given and arranging it in proper order and one could have solved most of the questions.
cat 2006 DILR tablecat 2006 DILR

Verbal Ability

  • There was no questions based on grammar, vocabulary or usage.
  • Many candidate could have solved all the questions.
  • A lot of importance was given to logical interpretation and most of the RC questions were inference based.
  • There were 3 passages with 5 questions each and the remaining 10 questions were on fact-inference-judgement and 5 questions on paragraph completion.
CAT 2006 VACAT 2006 VA graph