CAT 2008 – Paper Analysis


  • Total time for examination was 150 minutes.
  • There was an increase in total number od questions from 75 to 90 (as compared to the last year), with english section comprising of 40 questions ( an increase of 15 from last year), and quant and DI having 25 questions each.
  • The difficulty level of CAT 2009 was of Difficult.
  • The two things that were different from last year were the increased weightage of the English section and the reduced number of questions per set in the data interpretation section.
  • The difficulty levels were reduced in the Verbal Ability section, but maintained in Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning sections.
CAT 2008 paper analysiscat 2008 paper

Quantitative Ability

  • Most of the questions had to be solved using a more logical than formula-based approach.
  • The level of difficulty was comparable to last year.
  • Geometry made a comeback this year, while Modern Maths questions reduced in number. There were very few arithmetic questions.

CAT 2008 QA tableCAT 2008  QA

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

  • Continuing from CAT 2007, there were enough traditional DI questions. However, the section was tougher than CAT 2007.
  • Most of the questions were deceptively tricky, hence which ones to be attempted and which ones to left was a time consuming decision.
  • This difficulty is compounded by the fact that the time allocation strategy was disturbed by uneven distribution of questions.
  • Logical reasoning questions made a comeback after being conspicuously absent last year (they had made a thumping entry in CAT 2005 and CAT 2006).
CAT 2008 DILR tableCAT 2008 DILR

Verbal Ability

  • Verbal Ability was about speed, and your power of observation.
  • The weightage for the section increased: the number of questions increased to 40, while the marks for each question were still the same.
  • Reading comprehension questions were simpler. The difficulty level of the passages went down – a major relief.
CAT 2008 VACAT 2008 VA graph