CAT 2010 – Paper Analysis


  • CAT 2010 witnessed 3 sections similarly as previous year.
  • It was more of an aptitude test unlike previous year.
  • There was fair balance between all the 3 sections with more or less similar toughness levels.
CAT 2010 paper analysiscat 2010 paper

Quantitative Ability

  • The questions on quantitative ability were based on various topics and involved simple calculations.
  • The difficulty level of this section was moderate.
  • There were 3-4 questions on geometry, 7-8 on arithmetic and number theory and few on algebra. Also there were a mix of higher math and modern math even a small application of logarithms.
  • Questions also tested fundamental understanding like ratios and percentages, volumes of solids, permutation & combination, etc.
cat 2010 qa tablecat 2010 qa

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

  • This section was a bit lengthy as it involved tedious calculations.
  • DI section mainly involved sets on Pie charts, Bar graphs, Tables, Line graphs, 3D charts, Maxima & minima, etc.
  • Logical reasoning questions were more or less logical based and require less or no calculations.
  • LR questions were based on set of conditions, Logical arguments, puzzles and Venn diagrams.
cat 2010 di lr tablecat 2010 di lr

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

  • The level of the questions was moderate.
  • Verbal Ability covered entirely every topic of English usage such as Para completion, Para jumble, Fill in the blanks, Correct usage of words, etc.
  • Good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary would have helped students to achieve good score in this section.
  • Also there were 3 Reading comprehension passages with 3 questions each that were manageable if a student has done lot of reading.
cat 2010 va rc tablecat 2010 va rc