2005 SSC CGL Tier 1
Question Paper with Answer Key

For the following questions answer them individually

1. Where is tata Hydroelectric project which is expected to generate 1020 mw power located ?
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Bhutan
C. Nepal
D. Himachal Pradesh

2. Who gifted statue of liberty standing off The New York port ,to the United States of America on the first centenary of the US?
A. People of the New York
B. France
C. Britain
D. Germany

3. Where in India can you normally spot the Siberian Crane in winter ?
A. Sasan Gir Sanctuary
B. Ranthambore Sanctuary
C. Dachigam National Park
D. Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary

4. Which of the following statements is not correct ?
A. Wheat is grown in Punjab
B. Tea is Produced in Assam
C. Coffee is grown in Karnataka
D. Saffron is produced in HP

5. Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?
A. Koyana Project-Maharashtra
B. Sharavathi Project- Karnataka
C. Balimela Project –Orissa
D. Sabarigiri Project – Gujarat

6. The energy emitted by the Sun is due to the ?
A. Chemical Reaction
B. Nuclear Fission
C. Nuclear Fusion
D. All the above

7. The animal which uses Sounds as its eyes is ?
A. Dog
B. Cat
C. Snake
D. Bat

8. The Sky appears blue because of ?
A. Atmospheric water Vapour
B. Scattering of light
C. Reflection of sea Water
D. Emission of the Blue Wavelength

9. Dynamo is device converting ?
A. Heat Energy into Electrical energy
B. Mechanical energy into Electrical energy
C. Magnetic energy into Electrical Energy
D. Chemical Energy into electrical energy

10. Which of the following Can be used for checking Inflation temporarily ?
A. Increase in Wages
B. Decrease in money supply
C. Decrease in taxes
D. None of these

11. The Ahmadabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was directed against ?
A. British Mills owners and Government officials
B. Indian Mill owners and Non government officials
C. British Non Government officials
D. Indian Government officials

12. The former Princely states Nahan is part of the Which State ?
A. Punjab
B. Haryana
C. Uttaranchal
D. Himachal Pradesh

13. D-Day is day When
A. Germany declared war on the Britain
B. The US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima
C. Allied troops landed in Normandy
D. Germany surrender to the Allies

14. Correlate the UNESCO listed heritage sites/Monuments and other locations
Cave paintings 1. Velha Goa
Rock cut Shrines 2. Kornark
Basilica of Bom Jesus 3. Ajanta
Sun Temple 4. Ellora
A. 1 224
B. 2331
C. 234 1
D. 42 13

15. ‘Anti semitism ‘ to adoif hitler meant ?
A. Anti black policy
B. Anti Jewish Policy
C. Anti protestant policy
D. Anti German Policy

16. With whom is ‘Junagarh Rock Inscription ‘ is associated ?
A. Rudraman
B. Bimbisara
C. Chandra Gupta II
D. Gautamiputra Satakarni

17. Nalanda University was great centre of learning especially ?
A. Buddhism
B. Jainism
C. Vaishnavism
D. Tantra

18. Lakh Baksh was title given to Ruler
A. Itumish
B. Balban
C. Raziya
D. Qutub -ud-din Aibak

19. The Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built during the reign of the
A. Palas
B. Cholas
C. Rastra Khutas
D. Pal lavas

20. Generally what is the colour of the Emerald ?
A. Violet
B. Yellow
C. Deep Green
D. Prussian Blue

21. What is the element Required for Solar Energy Conversion ?
A. Beryllium
B. Titanium
C. Silicon
D. Ultra Pure carbon

22. On What basis has representation been Accorded to state in Rajya Sabha ?
A. Parity of all states
B. On the Basis of the population
C. On the basis of development of the state
D. On the basis of the Population cum Development

23. Which of the following ” writs of the High Court or the Supreme Court is sought to produce in court a Person .suspected to be missing/ln custody ?
A. Mandamus
B. Quo Warranto
C. Habeas Corpus
D. Certitoary

24. What is the Motto Inscribed Under our National Emblem ?
A. Satyam, Shivam
B. Satyam, Sarvata , Sundaram
C. Satyameva Jayate
D. Jai Hind

25. A person Wants to visit the national park Ranthambore ,Gir, and Bandipur, located in three different states of India. To which one of the Following states he need to go ?
A. Gujarat
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Rajasthan
D. Karnataka

26. Where are the saltora Ranges located ?
A. Ladakh
B. Along the Vindhyas
C. Part of the Karakoram Ranges
D. Parts of the Western Ghats

27. Sardar Sarovar Dam located in the is being built on the River ?
A. Tapti
B. Mahi
C. Chambal
D. Narmada

28. Which of the following types of erosions is responsible for the formation of the Chambal Ravines ?
A. Splash
B. Sheet
C. Rill
D. Gully

29. Which town /city in India has got a tower named after Muhammad AN Jinnah ?
A. Mumbai
B. Aligarh
C. Calicut
D. Guntur

30. Eminent Persons
Thomas L Fried Man
Zubin Mehta
Isamt Chaughal
Jamini Roy
1 Literature
2 Journalism
3 Painting
4 Music
A. 2 4 13
B. 42 3 1
C. 24 3 1
D. 13 4 2

31. Which country is known as the cockpit of the Europe?
A. Belgium
B. Switzerland
C. Netherlands
D. Laxemburg

32. Who is the hailed as god of the of the Medicine ?
A. Susruta
B. Chyavana
C. Dhanwantari
D. Charaka

33. In Greek Mythology Apollo is the god of what ?
A. Prophecy
B. Medicine
C. Love
D. Peace

34. In which part of the India Canal irrigation system is mostly com
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Maharashtra
C. Sikkim
D. Uttar Pradesh

35. Which of the following type of coal has the lowest Proportion of volatile content ?
A. Lignite
B. Peat
C. Bituminous
D. Anthracite

36. Gujarat is the largest producer of the salt in India because
A. It has extensive dry coast
B. Its coastline waters are very saline
C. It has extensive shallow seas
D. Besides Producing salt from saline water . it has reserves of rock salt

37. Which of the following is main spice producer ?
A. Deccan Trap
B. Malabar coast
C. Coromandel coast
D. Sunderbans Delta

38. Who is responsible for collecting Tax ?
A. Income tax department
B. Central Excise Department
C. Commercial Tax department of the respective state/UT
D. Postal Department

39. The basic Regulatory of the Mutual Funds and stock markets in India ?
A. Government of India
B. R.B.I
D. Stock Exchange

40. Which is city is also known as Big Apple ?
A. Madrid , Spain
B. Lausanne, Switchez Leland
C. Canberra, Australia
D. New York USA

41. The Prakash Utsav which sikhs celebrated on the 1st September 2004 marked what event ?
A. Completion of the golden temple at the Amritsar
B. Establishment of the sikh religion
C. Installation Guru Granth at the Golden temple
D. Worship of the Akal Takht

42. What is the amount given to the Dronacharya awardee along with cash prize ?
A. 10 lakh
B. 5 lakh
C. 3 lakh
D. 1 lakh

43. Who is the” Amicus Curiae ?
A. A counsel for an interview in litigation
B. A friend of the court
C. The Public interest Litigant
D. The counsel for the respondent

44. Of the various grounds below .which is the one criterion on the Which discrimination by the state is not Prohibited by the Article 15 of the Constitution ?
A. Place of birth
B. Race
C. Language
D. Caste

45. Secular Stagnation refers to
A. A stagnant economy
B. Recurring booms and depressions in the economy
C. Decrease in the marginal Growth rate
D. Fluctuations in the Autonomous Investment

46. The employment Guarantee Scheme which is now an important component of the NCMP , was first introduced in which state ?
A. Kerala
B. Maharashtra
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. West Bengal

47. Interest on public debts is a part of the ?
A. Transfer Payments by the enterprises
B. Transfer payments by the Government
C. National Income
D. Interest Payments by the households

48. Identify the Navaratna company in the following?
B. Infosys
D. Air India

49. The major aim of the devaluation is to ?
A. Encourage imports
B. Encourage Exports
C. Encourage both Imports and Exports
D. Discourage both the exports and imports

50. Where is the “objective of Social Justice” in constitution in India?
A. ART 14
B. ART 16
C. ART 15
D. Preamble

51. Judges of the supreme court and High Court can be removed ?
A. The President
B. Parliament
C. Union Council of ministers
D. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

52. Who was the German general nicknamed “Desert fox ” during the second world war ?
A. Goebbels
B. Goering
C. Rommel
D. Himmler

53. Leonardo da vinci represented the age of ?
A. Reformation
B. Renaissance
C. Communism
D. Industrial Revolution

54. Who wrote “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab Hamare Dil mein hai” ?
A. Mohammed Iqbal
B. Ramprasad Bismil
C. Kazi Nazrul Islam
D. Firaq Gorakhpuri

55. Who wrote the play Uttara rama charitra ?
A. Harsha
B. Tulsidas
C. Bhavabhuti
D. Sudraka

56. Where was “tanchoi brocade” developed ?
A. Varanasi
B. Dhaka
C. Surat
D. Thaniavur

57. In which Country is karbala ,the holy city shias shia Muslims located ?
A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Jordan
D. Syria

58. Who won the first silver medal for an individual event in the India at the Olympics?
A. Maharaja Karni Singh
B. Wilson Jones
C. Major R.S Rathore
D. Leander Paes

59. What was the space shuttle that landed man on Moon ?
A. Eagle
B. Colambia
C. Challenger
D. Apollo

60. The long term fiscal proposes to maintain the stability of ?
A. Direct Tax
B. Ratio of tax to Income
C. Ratio of tax revenue to national income
D. Indirect Tax rates

61. Main bearers of the burden of the Indirect tax are ?
A. Manufactures
B. Traders
C. Consumes
D. Tax Payers

62. A commercial bank law creates credit only if it has
A. A cash in vault
B. Excess Reserves
C. Permission of RBI
D. Cooperation of other banks

63. Investment and savings are kept equal through a charge in the level of ?
A. Consumption
B. Investment
C. Government Expenditure
D. Income

64. Which of the following is not required while computing GNP ?
A. Net foreign Investment
B. Private Investment
C. Per capita Income of Citizen
D. Purchase of goods by the government

65. Consumer sovereignty means
A. Consumers are free to spend their income as they like
B. Consumers have power to control The economy
C. Consumers expenditure influences the allocation of resources
D. Consumers goods are free from government control

66. What is the chemical name for baking soda ?
A. Sodium carbonate
B. Sodium bicarbonate
C. Sodium Nitrate
D. Sodium Nitrite

67. The working of quartz crystal in the watch is based on the ?
A. Johnson effect
B. Photoelectric effect
C. Edison effect
D. Piezoelectric effect

68. Why does a big fire in the open appear to be fanned by strong winds ?
A. Because of constant circulation of wind over the fire
B. Because of dust particles carried out by the Wind
C. Because the surrounding particles heated air rises and cool air rushes in to create a fanning feect
D. None of these

69. Oil rises up to the wick in the lamp because ?
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Of the diffusion of the of oil through the wick
D. Of the capillary action

70. In Atmospheric ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the ?
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Ozen
D. Hydrogen

71. Saccharin is made up off ?
A. Toulence
B. Phenol
C. Propane
D. Butane

72. Who among the following famous danseuses is not a example of the Odissi style of dance ?
A. Sanjukta Panigrahi
B. Padma Subrahmanyam
C. Sonal Mansingh
D. Madhavi Mudgal

73. Who recently sold 125 of his/her paintings for Rs 100 crores ?
A. Anjolie Menon
B. F.N Souza
C. M.F Hussain
D. Manjit Bawa

74. Who is considered as greatest of the all kings of Vijayanagara Rulers ?
A. Krishnadevaraya
B. Vira Narasimha
C. Sadasiva Raya
D. Rama raya

75. Which was only Indus site with an artificial Brick dockyard ?
A. Lothal
B. Kalibangan
C. Harappa
D. Mohenjo Daro

76. The American civil war saw the end of the /
A. Slavery
B. Landlordism
C. Monarchy
D. Aprahelid

77. Which variety of glass is heat resistant ?
A. Hard Glass
B. Flint Glass
C. Pyrex Glass
D. Bottle Glass

78. In which of the following cryogenic engines are used ?
A. Frost free refrigerators
B. Sub Marine propulsion
C. Rockets
D. Researches in superconductivity

79. Pvc is obtained by the polymerisation of ?
A. Propane
B. Vinyl Chloride
C. Styrene
D. Acetylene

80. Who is the competent to dissolve the parliament ?
A. The President
B. The cabinet with concurrence of the leader of the opposition
C. By resolution of both houses of the parliament
D. None of these

81. According to the UN Convention of the rights of the Child which of the following is not a right?
A. Safe Drinking water
B. Adequate standard of living
C. Education
D. Employment

82. Potassium Permanganate is used for Purifying drinking water .because it ?
A. Dissolves the impurities of the water
B. Is a Sterilising Agent
C. Is a oxidising agent
D. Is a reducing agent

83. Which of the following is a female sex organ ?
A. Estrogens
B. Androgen
C. Oxytocin
D. Insulin

84. Which amidst the following is not a gemstone ?
A. Cat’s eye
B. Topaz
C. Opal
D. Pearl

85. Who propounded the possibility of placing communication satellites in Geosynchronous orbit for the first time ?
A. Edwin .P Hubble
B. William Herschel
C. Arthur C. Clarke
D. Pierre Laplace

86. Which of the following chemicals is a neurotransmitter substance ?
A. Adrenaline
B. Cortisone
C. Strychnine
D. Insulin

87. Which of the following is the function of Iodised salt in the Human Body ?
A. It helps in checking cholesterol level in blood
B. It controls the functions of the Thyroid glands
C. It makes the body immune to the Viral diseases
D. It slow down the aging Progress

88. The city of Tashkent is located in ?
A. Uzbekistan
B. Kazakhstan
C. Russia
D. Kyrgyzstan

89. Who was awarded two ICC awards 2004 for his achievement ?
A. Shane Warne
B. Rahul Dravid
C. Brin Lara
D. Andrew Flint off

90. Where was hundreds of school children of Russia was taken Hostage by armed militants ?
A. Irkutsk
B. Beslan
C. Moscow
D. Grozny

91. What is Apunba Lup?
A. The Apex body of the leading militants in Manipur
B. The Headquarters of Maoist in Nepal
C. Bodoland Liberation Front chairman
D. A Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh

92. Which of the vegetables does not contain essential Fatty acids?
A. Sun Flower oil
B. Mustard oil
C. Coconut oil
D. Groundnut oil

93. Pregnant Women usually becomes deficiency in ?
A. Sodium and calcium
B. Iron and Sodium
C. Calcium and iron
D. Magnesium and Iron

94. Which components of light are absorbed by the chlorophyll ?
A. Violet and Red
B. Indigo and Orange
C. Blue and Red
D. Violet and Indigo

95. Ginger is a stem and not a root because ?
A. It stores food Material
B. It grows horizontally in the soil
C. It has nodes and Internodes
D. It lacks Chlorophyll

96. Eyes of potato are useful for ?
A. Nutrition
B. Respiration
C. Reproduction
D. Vegetative propagation

97. Taenia Solium lives as parasite in ?
A. Pig
B. Abdomen of the Woman/Men
C. Intestine of Man/Woman
D. Liver of Man/Women

98. An ant can see the objects all around due to the presence of ?
A. Simple eyes
B. Eyes over head
C. well Developed eyes
D. Compound eyes

99. What is the Approximate time required for a heart beat?
A. 0.5 secs
B. 0.8 secs
C. 0.5 Minutes
D. 1.0 Minutes

100. Which from the following not a gland ?
A. Stomach
B. Liver
C. kidney
D. Pancreases


In the technological systems of tomorrow-fast fluid and self-regulating-machines will deal with the flow of physical materials men with the flow of information and insight. Machines will increasingly perform tasks. Machines and men both instead of being concentrated in gigantic factories and factory cities will be scattered across the globe linked together by amazingly sensitive near-instantaneous communications. Human work will move out of the factory and mass office into the community and the home. Machines will be synchronized as some already are to the billionth of a second men will be synchronized. The factory whistle will vanish. Even the clock “the key machine of the modern industrial age” as Lewis Mumford called it a generation ago will lose some of its power over humans as distinct from purely technological affairs. Simultaneously the organisation needed to control technology shift from bureaucracy to Democracy from permanence to transience and from a concern with the present to a focus on the future. In such a world the most valued attributes of the industrial age become handicaps. The technology of tomorrow requires not millions of lightly lettered men ready to work in unison at endlessly repetitive jobs it requires not men who take orders in unblinking fashion aware that the price of bread is mechanical submission to authority but men who can make critical judgments who can weave their way through novel environments who are quick to spot new relationships in the rapidly changing reality. It requires men who in C.P. Snow s compelling terms “have the future in their bones”

101. The technological system of tomorrow will be marked by?
A. Dehumanization.
B. Perfection.
C. Automation.
D. Unpredictability.

102. The future man according to this passage must be ?
A. Most adaptive and intelligent.
B. Most capable of dealing with the changing reality.
C. More concerned with the present than the future.
D. Trained and obedient.

103. Near-instantaneous communications may be regarded as a symbol of ?
A. Anachronization
B. Mischronization
C. Desynchronization
D. synchronization

104. If a person believes that the price of bread is mechanical submission to authority he is
A. A believer in devotion to duty
B. A believer in taking things for granted.
C. A believer in doing what he Is told right or wrong.
D. A believer in the honesty of machines

105. The type of society which the author has mentioned makes a plea for ?
A. A mind assimilative of modern scientific Ideas.
B. A critical mind having insight into future.
C. A mind well-versed in cultural heritage
D. A mind with firm principles of life.


A reason why people at school read books is to please their teacher. The teacher has said that this that or the other is a good book and that it is a sign of good taste to enjoy it.
So a number of boys and girls anxious to please their teacher get the book and read it. Two or three of them may genuinely like it for their own sake and be grateful to the teacher for putting it in their way. But many will not honestly like it or will persuade themselves that they like it. And that does a great deal of harm. The people who cannot like the book run the risk of two things happening to them either they are put off the idea of the book-let us suppose the book was David Copperfield-either they are put off the idea of classical novels or they take a dislike to Dickens and decide firmly never to waste their time on anything of the sort again or they get a guilty conscience about the whole thing they feel that they do not like what they ought to like and that therefore there is something wrong with them. They are quite mistaken of course. There is nothing wrong with them. The mistake has all been on the teacher s side. What has happened is that they have been shoved up against a book before they were ready for it. It is like giving a young child food only suitable for an adult Result indigestion violent stomach-ache and a rooted dislike of that article of food evermore.

106. The passage is about what ?
A. We should do to make children read.
B. we should not do when we ask children to read.
C. Teachers should teach in the classroom.
D. Treatment is to be given for indigestion.

107. The writer says that teachers should ?
A. Prevent children from reading any book.
B. Compel children to read moral stories.
C. Stop compelling children to read books recommended by them.
D. Carefully supervise what children read.

108. According to the author many boys and girls read books to ?
A. Win the favour of their teachers.
B. Spend money in a useful way.
C. Express their gratitude to their teachers.
D. Show others that they are lovers of books

109. The mistake has been on the teacher’s side. Here the mistake refers to
A. Making the children to please the teacher.
B. Asking the children to read books which teacher do not like.
C. Discouraging children from reading more books.
D. Recommending them the books intended for adults.

110. Indigestion and violent stomach-ache will be the result if the child
A. Reads books not suitable for his age
B. Does not read any book.
C. Is forced to eat food meant for adults.
D. Is not taken to doctor regularly.

In the following sentence we need to find out which part of the sentence has error. If no error is there in the sentence give answer as ” d”

111. We had a lot of difficulty (a) / in finding (b) / the house, (c) No error (d).
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

112. patience as well as perseverance (a) / are necessary (D) / Tor success, (c)/ No error (a)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

113. The passer-by told us (a) / where was the marriage hall (b) and even led us to it. (c)/ No error
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

114. The increase in consumption is directly (a) / proportional to the increase (b)/in income, (c) / No error(d)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

115. In Singapore (a) / my brother – in – law with his wife (b) / were present at the function, (c) / No error (d)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

116. Scarcely had (a) /I arrived than (b) / the train left, (c) / No error (d)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

117. The reason why (a) / he was rejected (b) / was because he was too young, (c) /No error (d)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

118. Teachers of various schools (a) / met to discuss about (b) / how to improve the standard of English. No error (d)
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

119. His tradition – bound attitude (a) / had to be a constant source of dissatisfaction (b) / among the younger members of the family, (c) / No error (d).
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

120. The two first to arrive (a)/ were the lucky recipients (b)/ of a surprise gift, (c) / No error (d).
A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

Read the following sentence and choose the correct option from given four alternatives which gives complete meaning to the sentence.

121. A person who______ on his own effort has the best chance to win.
A. Makes
B. Puts
C. Relies
D. Runs

122. When he died, Ramanujan_______ behind 3 notebooks.
A. Was leaving
B. Had left
C. Left
D. Leaves

123. For all his_____ he is a____
A. Wealth, miser
B. Health, player
C. Tricks, cheat
D. Stupidity, fool

124. In a classroom students are to be trained to love____
A. Each other
B. All others
C. One another
D. Altogether

125. Mr. Amar put his whole life______ the work.
A. On
B. In
C. Into
D. Upon

126. All decisions_____ are likely to be taken by consensus
A. Anyhow
B. Forever
C. Somehow
D. However

127. Kumar_____ boy swim across the sea for safety English
A. A 17 years old
B. A 17 year old
C. A 17 year aged
D. The 17 year old

128. she is beautiful ____ brave
A. And
B. But
C. Yet
D. So

129. Gandhiji will_____ in history as one of greatest man men, that ever live
A. Go by
B. Go on
C. Go down
D. To Through

130. All the applicants____ and the results will be announced next week
A. Rank
B. are to rank
C. Are to be ranked
D. Are ranking

In the following questions out of the four alternatives .choose the one which best expresses the SAME meaning of the given Word

131. Successive
A. Rapid
B. victorious
C. Beneficent
D. Consecutive

132. Ravage
A. Destroy
B. Break
C. Demolish
D. Abolish

133. Superstitious
A. Pious
B. Traditional
C. irrational
D. Scared

134. Mentor
A. Guide
B. Genius
C. Stylist
D. Philosopher

135. Garnish
A. Paint
B. Adorn
C. Garner
D. Banish

136. Infructuous
A. Meaningless
B. Unnecessary
C. Redundant
D. Fruitless

137. Fidelity
A. Affection
B. Allegiance
C. Accuracy
D. Loyalty

138. Gruff
A. Hard
B. Rough
C. Tough
D. Sturdy

139. Doleful
A. Mournful
B. Sober
C. Regretful
D. Cheerless

140. Fatal
A. Terribly
B. Deadly
C. Poisonous
D. Wrong

In the following questions out of the four alternatives .choose the one which best expresses the OPPOSITE meaning of the given Word

141. Exodus
A. Influx
B. Homecoming
C. Return
D. Restoration

142. Inquisitive
A. Insincere
B. Indifferent
C. Insensitive
D. Insulting

143. Candid
A. Outspoken
B. Frank
C. Devous
D. Disguised

144. Nadir
A. Modernity
B. Zenith
C. Liberty
D. Progress

145. Culpable
A. Defendable
B. Blameless
C. Careless
D. Irresponsible

146. Facilitate
A. Help
B. Propagate
C. Hinder
D. Reject

147. Criticise
A. Finish
B. Recommended
C. Criticise
D. Request

148. Conformity
A. Deviation
B. Dilution
C. Distribution
D. Diversion

149. Affirm
A. Refuse
B. Negate
C. Neglect
D. Avoid

150. Autonomy
A. Slavery
B. Subordination
C. Dependence
D. Submissiveness

In the following questions groups of four words are given .In each Group one word is not correctly spelt .Find out the not correctly spelt word.

A. Mischievous
B. Miscarriage
C. Misdemanour
D. Misnomer

A. Harasment
B. Commitment
C. Breevemnent
D. Temperament

A. Caparacious
B. Auspicious
C. Fallacious
D. Dalicious

A. Inefable
B. Inaccessible
C. Infaible
D. Invincible

A. Camouflage
B. tableau
C. Mileu
D. Mirase

A. Existnce
B. Occurrence
C. Depandance
D. Persistence

A. Sponsorship
B. Sovereign
C. Subservent
D. Sepulcher

A. Handicapped
B. Frolcked
C. Kidnaped
D. Developed

A. Coercion
B. Precsion
C. Negotiation
D. Explosion

A. Delinquency
B. Frequency
C. Discrepancy
D. Hestancy

In the following questions four alternatives are given for idiom/Phrase in bold in the sentence .choose one which gives you the correct meaning.

161. He didn’t tell me directly ,but reading between lines .I think he is not happy with them
A. Reading slowly and haltingly
B. Understanding sense rather than actual words
C. Understanding the meaning of the words and not sense
D. Reading superficially

162. Gopi Works by fits and starts ?
A. Consistently
B. Irregularly
C. in high spirits
D. Enthusiastically

163. I cannot put up with your misconducts any longer
A. excuse
B. refuse
C. accept
D. tolerate

164. I did not mind what he was saying ,he was only talking through his cat ?
A. Talking nonsense
B. Talking ignorantly
C. Talking irresponsible
D. Talking Insultingly

165. He is so furious that he would go through fire and water to revenge himself on his foe
A. Approach everybody for help
B. Avail himself of any opportunity
C. Use any conceivable method
D. Undergo any risk

166. The watch dogs were asleep when bulls ran riot ?
A. Behaved cleverly
B. Acted without restraint
C. Wandered aimlessly
D. Had the best of time

167. In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants, the Government ,has decided not to give in.
A. Accede
B. Yield
C. Oblige
D. Conform

168. The younger and the old sat cheek by jowl in the large audience?
A. Very near
B. Very far
C. tongue Tied
D. irritated

169. We wanted to keep the gift as a surprise for mother but my sister gave the game away.
A. Lost the game
B. Gave out the secret
C. Played badly
D. Withdrew from the game

170. I don’t think law will interfere with us as we are just trying to turn an honest penny
A. Make a legitimate living
B. Make a good living
C. Have dealings in white money
D. Become more honest

Out of the four alternatives given below choose one word which can be substituted for the given word or sentence.

171. one who collects coins
A. Archaeologist
B. Numismatist
C. Philatelist
D. Connoiser

172. A system of government in which only one political party is allowed to function ?
A. Oligarchy
B. Dictatorship
C. Totalitarianism
D. Theocracy

173. Customs and Traditions of a particular group ?
A. Mores
B. Traditions
C. Rites
D. Rituals

174. A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and to give their Judgement
A. Association
B. Council
C. Bar
D. Jury

175. Indifference to pleasure or pain
A. Preservanance
B. Tolerance
C. Stoicism
D. Retilence

In following questions sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested below, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.

176. I cannot wear this shirt any longer.
A. I cannot wear this shirt any longer
B. Wearing of this shirt any longer is not possible
C. this shirt is worn out to be worn any longer
D. This worn out shirt cannot be worn any longer

177. A lion does not eat grass, however hungry he may be
A. Grass is not eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
B. Grass is not being eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
C. Grass is eaten not by a lion. However hungry he may be.
D. Grass is being not eaten by a lion, however, hungry he may be.

178. Someone saw him picking up a gun.
A. He was seen pick up a gun by someone.
B. He was seen picking up a gun by someone
C. He was seen by someone when he was picking up a gun
D. He was seen by someone pick a gun

179. He was obliged to resign.
A. He was made to resign.
B. To resign was his obligation.
C. Circumstances obliged him to resign.
D. Resignation obliged him.

180. Why did you not agree to my proposal?
A. Why was my proposal not agreed to?
B. Why was my proposal not agreed by you?
C. Why my proposal was not agreed to by you?
D. Why was my proposal not agreed to by you?

In each question, a part of sentence is printed in bold. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the bold part of the sentence. Find out the phrase which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is ‘No correction required’ or ‘No improvement’.

181. The driver was dazzled by the bright light of approaching car.
A. Twinkled
B. Flashed
C. Glowed
D. No improvement

182. What does it matter most is the quality of the goods that we require.
A. what it matters more
B. what does it matter more
C. what matters most
D. No improvement

183. You called on me when I was not at home, don’t you?
A. Did you?
B. Didn’t you?
C. Didn’t I?
D. No improvement

184. He paid the caretaker for his board and lodging.
A. Room
B. Furniture
C. Boarding
D. No improvement

185. Can this machine be adopted in farm work.
A. By
B. Into
C. For
D. No improvement

In questions the first and the last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts and find out which of the four combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer

186. 1. One of the most widely spread of bad habits
P. which is now smoked of chewed by men
Q. and even by children
R. often by women
S. is the use of tobacco
6. Almost all over the world.

187. 1. The landscape
p. with Nature displaying
Q. here is awesome
R. that, are seldom
S. a range of delights
6. seen together

188. 1. Smoke billowed up between the plants.
P. Passengers were told to be, ready to quit the ship.
Q. The rising gale fanned the shouldering fire.
R. Everyone now knew there was a fire on board.
S. Flames broke out here and there.
6. Most people bore the shock bravely.

189. 1. It is far better to live for short time
P. Contribution to the world
Q. and make some some significant
R. That is just ideal way
S. then spend long time
6. In gossiping and playing

190. 1.The simon fish pushed themselves
P. to return to their spawning grounds
Q. and fertilised them
R. But once they laid their eggs
S. to their limits
6. They died

In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.
Pythons are (1) non-venomous snakes found (2) in damp places or rocky ledges near marshes or in( 3) They are considered to be the most primitive (4 ) the living snakes, (5) they retain the hind limbs of a (6) era in the form (7) horny claw-like spurs, which are present( 8) either side of (9) anus. These hind limbs are function less (10) female pythons.

A. Small
B. Tiny
C. Cute
D. Huge

A. Mostly
B. Rarely
C. Occasionally
D. Hardly

A. Cities
B. Jungles
C. Hills
D. Towns

A. Between
B. In
C. Among
D. Over

A. So
B. Because
C. And
D. But

A. By gone
B. Latest
C. Present
D. Recent

A. In
B. For
C. On
D. Of

A. Over
B. Above
C. On
D. Of

A. The
B. A
C. An
D. That

A. With
B. Among
C. On
D. In


1. B
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. D
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. B
11. A
12. D
13. C
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. A
18. A
19. D
20. C
21. C
22. B
23. C
24. C
25. B
26. C
27. D
28. D
29. D
30. A
31. A
32. C
33. A
34. D
35. D
36. A
37. B
38. B
39. C
40. D
41. C
42. C
43. B
44. C
45. B
46. B
47. B
48. C
49. B
50. C
51. A
52. C
53. B
54. B
55. C
56. A
57. B
58. C
59. D
60. B
61. C
62. C
63. A
64. C
65. C
66. A
67. D
68. C
69. D
70. C
71. A
72. B
73. C
74. A
75. A
76. A
77. C
78. C
79. B
80. A
81. D
82. C
83. A
84. A
85. C
86. A
87. B
88. A
89. B
90. B
91. A
92. C
93. C
94. A
95. C
96. D
97. C
98. D
99. B
100. A
101. C
102. B
103. D
104. C
105. B
106. A
107. C
108. A
109. D
110. A
111. A
112. B
113. B
114. D
115. C
116. B
117. C
118. B
119. D
120. A
121. C
122. B
123. D
124. C
125. B
126. D
127. B
128. B
129. C
130. C
131. D
132. A
133. C
134. A
135. B
136. D
137. D
138. B
139. A
140. B
141. A
142. B
143. C
144. B
145. B
146. C
147. C
148. A
149. A
150. C
151. C
152. A
153. B
154. C
155. C
156. A
157. C
158. B
159. B
160. D
161. B
162. B
163. D
164. A
165. D
166. B
167. B
168. A
169. B
170. A
171. B
172. C
173. A
174. D
175. C
176. A
177. A
178. B
179. B
180. D
181. D
182. C
183. B
184. C
185. B
186. A
187. B
188. D
189. C
190. C
191. D
192. A
193. B
194. C
195. B
196. A
197. D
198. C
199. A
200. D