Is NCERT enough to Prepare General Awareness for SSC CGL Exam

General Awareness is all about ‘being aware of your city, state, country, world, and universe’. No book/s can be enough to prepare for general awareness. It requires a comprehensive effort to be someone who is generally aware of things around him/her.

Talking about the SSC CGL examination, this holds true as well. While certain books might help you understand the events of historical significance, chances are, that they would miss out on recent events, or historical incidents related to recent events.

For example, if this year, Man was to successfully land on Mars, then you might want to know when did man first attempt to land on the Red planet. This is something a book might not tell you. Hence, you need a dynamic study plan for general awareness.

Here is the broad list of topics that you need to cover:

  • Arts & Literature
  • Geography of India
  • Geography of the World
  • Ancient Indian History
  • Medieval Indian History
  • India under the British Rule
  • Freedom Struggle of India
  • Economy
  • Science and technology
  • Environment
  • The Who’s Who of the World and India
  • Important Abbreviations
    UN, NATO, and other organizations
  • Sports

    You also need a good grasp of the current affairs from India and around the world. You also need to be in touch with the latest news from all aspects of the world. As I said, it is a constant and dynamic process.

Many students fail to understand its importance and focus on the remaining sections of the exam, giving general awareness the least priority. This is an opportunity for someone who works hard in this section along with the other sections and out-scores his competitors.

Before you start preparing, take some mock tests to assess how generally aware you are. You might have a natural interest in certain topics and would have gathered information without realizing it.

The mock tests will help you understand where you stand and which topics need more time. Next, you can create a study plan or approach a coaching class for guidance.

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Remember, the SSC CGL is a highly competitive examination and getting a good post depends on your level of preparedness. Hence, roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself for some dedicated studying to bag a good score in the exam.