Logical Reasoning: Blood Relations

Logical Reasoning: Blood Relations

Logical Reasoning: Blood Relations

Last Updated on Nov 9, 2020

 Let us discuss Blood Relations as this is an important topic in most of the competitive exams. We have mentioned some important points to keep in mind before explaining you in detail the whole concept. These are given below:

  • Always apply question to yourself. This is the best way to solve blood relation questions. Here you try and relate every statement to yourself. The starting name of the statement could be assumed as your name or you
  • Do not assume the gender unless it is mentioned in the question
  • Always try to draw a family tree as it helps to break down the question in smaller parts

Example-1 : ‘Ram’ is the father of ‘Kusha’ but ‘Kusha’ is not his son. ‘Mala’ is the daughter of ‘Kusha’.’Shalaka’ is the spouse of ‘Ram’. ‘Gopal’ is the brother of ‘Kusha’. ‘Hari’ is the son of ‘Gopal’. ‘Meena’ is the spouse of ‘Gopal’. ‘Ganpat’ is the father of ‘Meena’. Who is the granddaughter of ‘Ram’?

(1) Hari
(2) Mala
(3) Meena
(4) Shalaka


‘Mala’ is the daughter of ‘Kusha’ and ‘Ram’ is the father of ‘Kusha’. So, ‘Mala’ is the granddaughter of ‘Ram’. Hence, the answer is (2) Mala.

Example-2: If P+Q means P is husband of Q,
P/Q means P is the sister of Q,
P*Q means P is the son of Q. how is D related to B in B/A*C+D?

→ C+D – C is the husband of D
→ A*C – A is the son of C
→ B/A – B is the sister of A
→ So B is daughter of C
So, answer is Mother.


In this blog post, we have explained Blood Relations which is a part of Logical Reasoning. It is one of the most important topics under this section. You can also watch a video related to it here. Hope you liked our post. Please share your views in the comment section below.

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