Life of Students at IIM Indore

Life of IIM Indore Students

Life of Students at IIM Indore

Last Updated on Oct 17, 2020

IIM IPM is probably one of the most interesting programmes started by IIM Indore. IIM IPM is indeed very exhausting, educative and exhilarating at the same time. You meet students from across India as well as international students from UAE.

While the diversity itself is overwhelming, you will see that almost everyone is from the best of their subject (Commerce, Science, Arts, Humanities & more). There are people from different boards of education.

Added to this, everyone has at least one extracurricular specialization-be it dance, music, art, even beatboxing! So the first month is spent half in the excitement, and the half in fear, simply because you cannot anticipate what is to come.

So, with the advent of the morning light, comes the quiet and persistent chirping of the birds and you open our eyes to the peaceful and lush environment that makes up IIM Indore.

Away from the noise and pollution of the city, the institute is full of fresh air, unwinding roads and calm surroundings; until that calm is abashed by the panic-stricken cries of the students who have to meet unimaginable deadlines on any given day.

IIM Indore lush green environment

IIM Indore lush green environment

In that moment of sheer chaos, when the queues for the printer are interminable, and the calls to the professor to extend the deadline incessant, the peace and quiet of the place vanishes. Life at the IIM Indore campus may be hectic, manic, deep dyes in anxiety but it is never dull.

Between the many assignments, classes, positions of responsibility, committees, activity and interest clubs you are gainfully (or otherwise) employed on a regular basis.

Since it is a completely residential campus, with accommodation for all the students in the courses, it creates closeness and long-term friendships.

As the students live on campus, they have classes till and at ungodly hours, midnight sessions and exams, and constant pressure to deliver. In all of this, the one constant that remains is that the campus never sleeps.

At the same time, you also engage in things that normal students do such as enjoying sports, an activity that is facilitated by courts for various sports and a fully equipped sports complex and an Olympic size swimming pool. Sports facilities include:

  • 6 Badminton Courts
  • Meditation and Yoga Room
  • 3 Basketball Court
  • Event Court
  • 2 Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Amphitheatre
  • Football Ground
  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • Table Tennis
  • 2 Gymnasiums
  • Billiards
  • Squash Court
  • Sauna Bath
  • Lawn Tennis Court
  • Steam Bath
IIM Indore Campus

IIM Indore Campus

Birthday celebrations are iconic on campus with more people than can be counted involved in wishing the birthday boy. The celebration of culturally diverse festivals, late-night partying, long rides on highways around the lovely campus and drives to nearby destinations, among other things, make up the college of life on campus.

A Classic Day

The classes: this part is where it gets even more interesting. The classes begin at the early hour of 8:45 AM and all are expected to be punctual since there is a fine to be paid for being late.

As a result, there is madness in the mess as well as on the way up to the academic block. Not only does one have to be on time, but also be prepared for class by having studied the readings that have been circulated in advance.

The 75-minute long sessions, punctuated by 15-minute tea breaks occupy most of the days. However, the arrival of the evening signals the beginning of the more pleasurable activities on campus right from playing a sport of your choice, to leisurely walks around campus and to visit the city and the many eating joints using the institute bus.

One of the most exclusive features of the campus is that students run most of the things. The Students’ Activities Council (SAC) is the channel through which the student body carries out most of its endeavors. Elected by the participants each year, the SAC is the source of administration, merrymaking & entertainment.

The Cultural Committee, known as the CulCom, organizes all the celebrations, dinners, bonfires, parties, antaksharis, dumb charades and many other activities. The student body also runs its very own shop known as the PI shop, which caters to the daily needs of the students.

IIM Indore Management Skills

IIM Indore Management Skills

Not only does it stock basic groceries, it also provides hands-on experience on running a business – a true learning experience as far as management is concerned.

In addition, the students run a fast food and juice joint called Juices and More, more commonly known as JAM. Known for its freshly prepared juices and fast food, JAM is also the place where most of the students meet up in the evenings, have conversations, watch cricket matches and generally relax.

As far as fests are concerned, IPM students organize three important fests in a year, which are breathtaking. These are Atharv, the Management & Cultural Fest; Ranbhoomi, the Sports Fest and Utkarsha, the Social Fest.

Besides, students also contribute to organizing the Indore Marathon and IRIS, the fest organized by PGP students. Since the batch size is small, all students get to contribute a lot to the fests and get hands-on experience. Cultural diversity is exemplary. You can learn so many languages in 5 years if you want.

IIM Indore Celebrations

IIM Indore Celebrations


Most importantly, life at IIM Indore is a galvanizing and roller coaster ride. Each and every member of the student community adds his/her own flavor and make this place what it is.

It is a lifetime experience to be a part of this wonderful Campus. You will always cherish the memories. It is a perfect combination of Academics and Extracurricular activities. And, with so many people, the campus then becomes a veritable cosmos of myriad hues.

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