Logical Reasoning: Statements & Assumptions

Logical Reasoning: Statements & Assumptions

Logical Reasoning: Statements & Assumptions

Last Updated on Nov 2, 2020

Basically, in statements and assumptions section of logical reasoning the critical thinking ability of the candidates will be examined. So, the candidates are advised to read  the statement and then think critically all the given assumptions and find the most relevant one.

Now, when we try to solve these questions, the question might look difficult because our brain is so good at understanding un-stated assumptions that we don’t even notice them. So, if we think like we normally do then there’s risk of missing the assumption actually made, making it even harder to quickly identify them.

Caution to be taken:

Now coming to solving the question, Remember that:

(i) Leaving aside your logic about how things work helps.

(ii) While you can make common sense assumptions (the sun is visible only during the day, water makes things wet, etc.), do not bring in your own assumptions about things that are not necessarily common knowledge or may not always be true.

(iii) ‘Assumption’ in the questions is something that author believes to be true.


Of all the cars manufactured in India, ‘A’ brand has the largest sale.
I. The sale of all the cars manufactured in India is known.
II. The manufacturing of no other cars in India is as large as ‘A’ brand.

a) If only Assumption I is implicit
b) If only Assumption II is implicit
c) If both I and II are implicit
d) If neither I nor II is implicit
e) If either I or II is implicit

Solution: (a) Unless the sale of all cars manufactured in India was known, the statement could not have been made. Hence, I is a valid assumption. II is not implicit as we do not know about manufacturing, we know only about sales. ‘A brand has the largest sale but it may not be the largest manufacturer of cars. May be ‘B’ Company manufactures more cars than ‘A’ does but it exports all its cars. In that case ‘B’ is a bigger manufacturer but its sale in India would be lesser than that of ‘A’


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