CAT Preparation: good online sources to study Venn diagrams

A Venn diagram illustrates the logical relationship between two or more groups of items. It uses overlapping shapes (usually circles) to explain the relationship. A quick look at a Venn diagram can tell us how the groups are similar or different. These diagrams are widely used in statistics, mathematics, logical reasoning, etc.

Most importantly, it is used in regular management functions too. Hence, it is important to understand Venn diagrams, not just for the test but also to prepare yourself for management studies and a career in management in the future. Since you have specifically asked about Venn diagrams, I assume that you have identified this as a weak area that you need to focus on. This is a good start.

There are various ways in which you can approach this topic. Self-study Revise the basics, revisit your class 10 to class 12 mathematics to understand the core concept better. There are several videos and blogs that can help you understand the concept easily. You need to understand how Venn diagrams are drawn and how to read them efficiently. While the concept itself is not complicated, applying it to problems and finding the right answer can be puzzling. Hence, solve different types of problems based on the basic concepts to get a better grip over the topic.

We cannot specifically recommend any sources since we believe in learning from a mentor or guide, you can research and find sources that help. One of the drawbacks of self-study is that most students spend a lot of time understanding certain concepts that may not be required. With an experienced mentor by their side, they can use their time optimally.

Join a coaching institute what we usually recommend is students appearing for CAT must join a coaching institute offering a course designed to learn these concepts in detail. We are associated with ExamVictor, an online institute that offers courses for various competitive exams. The Online CAT Course offered by the institute ensures that students get a good grip over the

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Here is a quick look at an explanation to solve a syllogism question using a Venn diagram: Click here for the video 

Remember, you don’t need to understand Venn diagrams theoretically. All you need to know is how to apply these diagrams to solve problems. It is also important to remember that may students do silly mistakes while solving questions based on these diagrams. Hence, practicing a lot of questions is important to get a good grip on them.

Good Luck!