lesser known facts about CAT

Lesser known facts about CAT

CAT is probably one of the most well-known competitive exams in India. With thousands of students appearing for CAT every year, there are countless views and opinions about the test. While some call it an over-hyped test and claim it to be easy, others find the competition overwhelming. A seat at one of the best business schools in India at stake is undeniably a competitive exam you can’t ignore if you see yourself as a manager of the future.

The first thing that I would want to talk about is: CAT is an aptitude-driven test. While you might have heard this several times before, it is important to understand its implications on your preparation. During our academic life, we are used to the rote methodology. In other words, our academic exams are designed to test our ability to memorize and recall on demand.

However, the CAT is different. It endeavors to assess your understanding of concepts and their application in real-life situations. Hence, you are not expected to remember lengthy theorems or concepts. You need to know what the concept means and how you can apply it in life. The question itself requires you to display an understanding of the concept – calculating the answer is usually simple.

The second thing is persistent effort. CAT preparation is a 6-8 month process that requires persistent hard work. Since most applicants plan to appear for CAT along with their jobs, this can be a tiring process. Imagine coming back from work and studying until you fall asleep and repeating the cycle every day. It requires a lot of determination.

Most students can perform better if they constantly keep reminding themselves of the fact that the CAT is designed to test them for their aptitude and not knowledge. Being an entrance exam for a management course, they need candidates who can think on their feet and have a solution-centric approach. It is not an academic exam where you are expected to know pages of theory by heart.

Next, cracking the CAT without guidance is possible but very difficult. Since the exam tests your understanding of the concepts, books can only do so much. You need a guide who can help you get a grip over various concepts and how to apply them to situations.

We at ExamVictor offer an Online CAT Course to help students crack the test. Every year, we train hundreds of students for CAT and try to offer each student all the support he needs for developing an aptitude that fits into the profile desired by the IIMs.

Remember, CAT is not just a competitive exam. When you prepare for this test, you learn to approach situations and life in a structured manner. You learn to assess the facts available to you and find a solution based on whatever knowledge you have. You learn the first rule of management – finding solutions.

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