Overview of Reading Comprehension

Overview of Reading Comprehension

Overview of Reading Comprehension

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Reading Comprehensions can be time-consuming, energy-sapping and information-intensive. But on the other hand, the rewards they offer are fascinating. if you understand and grasp a passage well, you should be able to get most questions in a single passage correct, and this means you gain quite a few marks by solving one set of questions.

 Tips and Tricks related to Reading Comprehension
  1. Details are important but don't be obsessed with examples, illustrations and other things. You just need to understand the main point and not the examples. Comprehending the overall flow and structure will help you analyze and answer the questions.
  2. You do not need to memorize every word present in the passage. Understanding the flow, structure and the main points in the passage should be your priority. For factual or specific point questions, you can always go back and re-read the passage.
  3. Always go through the questions first and then the passage. This will prepare you to focus on the things you need to find in the passage. Focus only on the questions, and not on a particular answer option. A quick overview of the questions is enough.
  4. Having a strong vocabulary is great however having Shakespearean vocabulary will not prevent you from understanding the passage. So, do not put yourself under stress in this area, and while reading the passage. Make sure that you understand the central theme of the passage nicely and do not get stuck on particular words.
  5. At times we come across a passage that we are not able to comprehend. If you are struggling with one such passage in the exam, make sure you have the patience to avoid such a passage. Focus on the ones that you can manage easily. Go back to the tricky passage if necessary.
  6. Any of the options that are out of scope is never the correct answer. The right answer is always based on the information given in the passage. Do not focus on any of the options that distract you from the passage.
  7. While reading make sure you make some quick notes for ready reference. You can write the general flow, structure, paragraph-wise flow and important points. Quick notes can actually be a big help.
  8. Questions such as the main idea question are based on the overall subject of the passage, and a majority of the times the answer to this question type lies in the first and last paragraph of the passage. Read these two things with the utmost concentration.

This video lays out the Overview of Reading Comprehension. RC is a fundamental topic and will definitely come no matter which exam you are writing - CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, IIFT, CLAT, AILET, DU LLB, any other entrance exam as well.
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