The Best Mock CAT Strategy

The best mock CAT strategy

The Best Mock CAT Strategy

Last Updated on Nov 9, 2020

Students preparing for CAT spend weeks solving practice questions and practicing different problems. Understanding or practicing a concept is one thing – recalling it during the exam is quite another. To help students evaluate their current level of preparation many coaching institutes conduct a Mock CAT test.
A Mock CAT test is designed on the exact pattern of the CAT. The objective is to expose the student to the test pattern and allow him/ her to devise a strategy to tackle the CAT.

When should I start taking Mock CAT tests? How many tests should I take?

These questions are asked by almost every CAT applicant. While there can’t be a fixed strategy for this and I recommend refraining from the one-size-fits-all approach, here is a strategy that you might want to consider:

Take a couple of Mock tests BEFORE you start preparing for CAT and then make it a regular practice

This can help you understand your areas of strengths and weakness and give you a starting point. It can also help you to devise a strategy and create a study plan. Remember, you should create a mock test plan too. This will give you a short-term goal to work towards and add focus to your preparation. There are no recommended minimum tests that you must take, but ensure that you get enough practice and confidence through these mock tests.

Let’s say that you are good in Quants but relatively weaker in Logical Reasoning. You should opt for more mock tests in LR – probably once every 10 days to keep you motivated to outperform your previous scores. On the other hand, you should not completely ignore quants either. You need to ensure that all sections are covered by you regularly to keep you in sync with the basics.

Analyzing your Mock test performance

A few years back, CAT aspirants would try to take as many mock tests as possible – all in the name of practicing for the exam. This has changed over the years. Nowadays, students spend more time analyzing their mock test performance, improving on their weak areas and then attempt a mock test again.

Why is analyzing the Mock CAT performance necessary?

Analyzing your Mock CAT performance helps you understand if your preparation for the exam is effective. It gives you a constant reminder of your strong and weak areas and shows the level of improvement if any. This can help you create a revised study plan based on concrete data rather than guesswork.

For e.g. – You might feel that Verbal Ability is a tough section and somehow you can never bring yourself up to studying it. After taking the Mock CAT, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that VA is your highest scoring section. Such misconceptions are ruled out when analysis steps in.

How should the Mock CAT be analyzed?

There are many ways to do this. You can sit down with the question paper yourself and try to solve each question in as many different ways as possible. You can also look at all the unsolved questions and seek answers to improve you to  grasp of the topic. However, this can be a time-consuming activity.

Alternatively, you can approach an online coaching institute, like ExamVictor. Such institutes offer a comprehensive Mock Test series followed up by a detailed analysis report which can help you save time and apply the findings of the report to your study plan immediately.

Are these Mock CAT tests with analysis dependable?

ExamVictor offers an online Mock CAT test series with powerful features like:

  • 20 full-length All India online Mock Tests
  • Exact simulation of the CAT exam pattern
  • Papers are drawn from a databank of over 10,000 questions
  • Algorithmic forecast of All India rank based on your performance
  • TestCrackerTM – Powerful performance analysis and reports designed by IITians

Most online institutes employ experienced faculty who are aware of the nitty-gritties of CAT. Couple this with a reputed institute and dependability becomes a natural outcome. However, you can opt for a sample test – which most online coaching institutes offer to get a taste of the level of competency offered.


Deploying the right Mock CAT strategy is usually the difference between a good and an average score. When the stakes are as high as getting admission into an IIM – you will be better off not leaving anything to chance. Go through the above-mentioned points and devise your own strategy to make the best out of the time available to prepare for CAT. And if you are opting for a coaching institute, then research well and ensure that you take a sample mock test before enrolling for Mock CAT. Click here to get more tips for CAT Preparation.

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