English Preparation Tips for Bank PO

English Preparation Tips for Bank PO

English Preparation Tips for Bank PO

Last Updated on Oct 29, 2020

English Section is one of the most important sections in Banking exams.

It is easy to score in this section as it only requires basic knowledge. It does not require as much time as we give to other sections of IBPS Exam. Reasoning and aptitude part needs more hard work than English in  IBPS Exam. So, scoring maximum marks in English Section will help in securing good overall results.

IBPS PO English Preparation: Section-Wise Tips and Tricks

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension in Bank PO English consists of a passage and questions based on the passage. As the paper is online, you should go through the questions first and then read the passage. Once you read the questions, you will get some idea about the answers.

  • Do regular practice with passage questions. Since passages are long, you need to improve your speed
  • First attempt questions which can be solved directly
  • Once you finished with them, go for the grammar part

Cloze Test

Cloze test is a type of comprehension exercise in which the reader is required to add words that have been omitted from the passage. This has to be done by filling the blanks in passages and comprehensions and choosing words in a running passage to maintain the sequence of various sentences in the paragraphs.

  • Read the passage thoroughly
  • Link the previous and next sentences
  • Be careful with noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, article, and tenses
  • Eliminate options accordingly

Sentence Correction

Sentence correction questions are based upon the fundamentals or basics of English language.

  • For this part, you must know the basic rules of grammar
  • To improve scores in this part, you must be regular with their reading
  • Also, you must know the correct usage of words so that you can easily correct the sentences

Error Detection

This English section contains error detection. You will have to find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation and others.

  • Candidates should be careful with grammar and should have a good understanding of sentence formation
  • This is one of the least time-consuming questions in the English section. So, try to solve these in the beginning
  • Understand the sentence formation rules and also improve your sentence formation

Para Jumbles

Para Jumbles are important for  IBPS English exam. In these questions, you have to rearrange the parts of sentences to form a meaningful sentence.

  • Read the sentences carefully and find what is being talked about in the paragraph
  • Try to find clues from pronouns, adverbs, article, definers, connectors and more
  • You should first arrange phrases and then add those phrases in a meaningful manner
  • Knowledge of sentence formation rules is a must

Expected Topic wise Questions

Reading Comprehension - 10 Questions
Cloze Test - 5 Questions
Para-jumbles - 5 Questions
Spotting Error - 5 Questions
Fill in the Blanks / Sentence Correction - 5 Questions

We have provided a simple infographic to make you understand English Syllabus & Topics for Bank PO using pie-chart, bar-graph and mentioning some important topics.

English Syllabus for Bank PO ExamVictor

English Syllabus for Bank PO ExamVictor


In this blog post, we have explained how different sections of English of IBPS PO Exam should be attempted. We have provided some tips which should be kept in mind while taking the Exam.
You can also check our Online Course Material for IBPS-PO through the link given.
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