Logical Reasoning Tips for Bank PO

Logical Reasoning Tips for Bank PO

Logical Reasoning Tips for Bank PO

Last Updated on Oct 29, 2020

“Reasoning” – The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way. Presently a day’s argument is a vital part of each banking exam. It is one of the most grounded parts of the exam to test the judgment and different attitudes identified with mind sharpness and logical capacity of a student. Here in this article, you can get some key focuses for Reasoning Preparation Tips for Bank PO.

Ordering & Ranking

  • Question-based on Order & Ranking are usually easy and direct
  • There will be at least 3-5 questions based on this type
  • Draw diagrams to get a clear idea about the question and solve quickly
  • Also, solve maximum questions based on this topic to score better

Directions & Distance

  • There will be at least 2 questions based on this topic
  • Draw diagrams to solve these questions easily
  • Try to solve tricky questions as it will help you build a strong knowledge base

Blood Relations

  • There will be at least 2 questions asked based on this topic
  • Spend some time to understand different relations
  • Draw family tree for visual clarity
  • Attempt maximum questions for practice

Logical Reasoning for Bank PO - General Tips & Exam Strategy

  1. Proper Study Material - To begin with, you should collect all LR test preparation material and other important notes, books and more. It will avoid time wastage.
  2. Concentrate - You should prepare for IBPS exam Reasoning paper subject wise. Don’t mix other topics. Read one item at a time. This trick helps you to understand better the topic in less time.

    Concentration is the key to Success

    Concentration is the key to Success

  3. Learn Formulas and Tables -  Logical Reasoning test is mostly based on formulas and methods. You should learn basic formulas, tables, and IBPS reasoning shortcuts to solve a question in less time. It also helps you to solve mathematical problems easily. If you are not familiar with shortcuts to answer a question, then, calculations can be time-consuming.
  4. Practice! - Practice makes perfect. Always follow this rule. Practice with IBPS Reasoning Mock tests. IBPS Exam Reasoning questions include Critical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reasoning Data Sufficiency. Solving relevant IBPS reasoning preparation puzzles will help you improve your reasoning power.

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

  5. Remember Exam Basics - In any Competitive Exam, you must read the question twice and understand it completely,  then you can easily solve it. Do not waste your time in experimenting with new methods, stick by the basic concepts and try to solve the questions in time.  Remember about negative marking. Don’t answer every question as it is not compulsory. You can leave some problems as it is. Focus on attempting easy & direct questions first.


In this blog post, we have explained how to tackle and attempt Reasoning section of a Bank PO Exam. We have provided some tips to be kept in mind while taking this exam. Ordering & Ranking, Blood Relations and Direction & Distance are important topics. We have given some tips on how to deal with these topics as well.

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