Tips to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL Tier - 1

How To Prepare Reasoning Section for SSC CGL Tier-1

Tips to Prepare Reasoning  for SSC CGL Tier - 1

Last Updated on Oct 31, 2020

You might be aware of the fact that Reasoning is a comparatively time-consuming section of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam. So, here are some tips and strategies that will help you to solve this section easily and in less time.

SSC CGL Reasoning – Simple Questions  

Classification & Analogies

  • You will undoubtedly get one question based on Classification and Analogies
  • These are comparatively easy and less tedious. This is one of the most straightforward subjects asked from this segment
  • The questions asked in the Ordering topic are either Number, Letter, GK or Significant Words based
  • In these areas, out of the given choices, you need to discover the most reasonable option


  • In these questions, you will be given statements and conclusions and you choose which of the given conclusions sensibly follow(s) from the given statements
  • The simplest way to handle Syllogisms is through Venn Diagrams; however, it is easy to get confused in this because many students apply Venn Diagrams incorrectly. We have linked a video below explaining how we use Venn Diagrams for Syllogisms at ExamVictor
  • Approaching the question calmly and logically will always be of help
  • As with most things, practice makes perfect!

Verbal analogies

  • Verbal analogies can be solved if you find the relationship between terms in the first pair
  • Building up strong vocabulary will help you solve the questions from this topic

SSC CGL Reasoning – Moderate Questions 

Blood Relations

  • This includes General blood relation, Family tree, Coded blood Relation
  •  Tree diagrams can help you solve these questions easily

Data Sufficiency

  • This topic includes Ordering & Ranking, Blood Relations, Coding-decoding, Circular Arrangements, Directions & Distances, Ages & Birthdates
  • There is no specific trick to solve questions based on Data Sufficiency, all you need to do is solve more and more questions for practice

Seating Arrangement (Circular & Linear)

  • Linear Seating Arrangement consists of Floor Based, people sitting in a single row / dual row
  • All of them may be facing to one direction only (either North or South) or both directions North & South
  • One more variable may be given to make the problem more complex
  • Circular Arrangements consists of Uni & Bi-directional problems on circular, square, rectangular tables
  • In Linear Arrangments, do questions of Single or Double rows facing each other/ away from each other/ in the same direction

SSC CGL Reasoning – Tricky Questions 

Coding & Decoding

  • This includes letter shifting, Coding in Fictitious Language, Coding by Analogy, Coding by Words, Conditional Matrix, Operation on Place Values
  • Pay attention to the numbers and alphabets in the given code
  • Also, check if the sequences given in the questions are in an ascending or descending order
  • To get the definite answers you should first check the pattern that the question is following

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • The type of questions asked are Pictorial Analogies, Symbol Series, finding the Next Picture based on the previous set of pictures,  Numeric Patterns, Symbolic Operations, Spatial Relations, Space Visualizations and more
  • Having a strong spatial reasoning aptitude would help with this section. Mirror image, space image are few examples of these types of questions

Matrix and Puzzles

  • Matrix and Puzzles can not only be tricky but also time-consuming
  • The best way to solve questions based on these topics is to read the questions carefully
  • For this, you need to improve your reading speed to understand the question quickly
  • Also, solve a number of questions or quizzes to build hand on solving Puzzles

    Here, in the picture, we have provided you with all the required information which will help you prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL Tier-1  wisely.

    Syllabus and Weightage of Reasoning for SSC CGL Tier-1

    Syllabus and Weightage of Reasoning for SSC CGL Tier-1

So, we suggest you prepare these topics properly by attempting test papers. Also, take up quiz sessions to practice and score better.

In this blog post, we have given a helpful and achievable plan for Reasoning by providing marks distribution of particular topics in a table & suggesting tips and techniques to prepare efficiently. 
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