Precis Writing Tips for SSC CGL Tier - 3

Letter Writing Tips for SSC CGL Tier-3

Letter Writing Tips  for SSC CGL Tier - 3

Last Updated on Oct 31, 2020

Every CGL aspirant appearing for Tier-3 descriptive test is recommended to have good writing skills as the main focus is given to this area. The offline pen and paper based exam also test your ability to form opinions and arguments on certain topics. This is done by Essay Writing or Letter Writing. This exam also tests your grammar. Here, in this blog post, we provide you the letter writing tips for SSC CGL.

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Keep the following points in your mind while writing a letter:

  • Write a letter in formal language to present your views
  • Try to avoid short forms and slangs
  • Good format and content are required

What should be the structure of a letter?

  • Follow the basic structure and try to practice in the same format
  • This will test your vocabulary and grammar
  • Introductory paragraph, Main body and closing body should be in proper place as it will play a major role
  • Give proper space between the two paragraphs and use punctuations wherever needed
  • Practice both types of letter i.e. formal and informal
  • Letter format outline is as follows:
    • Heading
    • Salutation
    • Subject
    • Content
    • Designation


In this blog post, we have put emphasis on writing a letter for SSC CGL Tier-3 specifically. We have mentioned the important points to keep in mind while

for Tier-3 Exam. Also, types of letters are clearly mentioned. The basic structure of the letter is explained in a simple way.

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